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Water, Education, Food, Elder Care, Cancer, The Ocean

Culture is like a wave, so water inevitably features on our list. I know I'm supposed to choose one cause that matches my brand, but I just can't. There are too many that are important to me. From education in underprivileged communities overseas to food banks right here at home, every little bit helps. Following are a few of the organizations in which we believe and encourage all to add to their donation portfolios. 


The Ocean


Ocean protection and clean water

Local (NYC)

Covenant House

Safe housing

Local (Montauk)

The Montauk Food Pantry

A volunteer force of good in Montauk providing resources to those in need


Hantam Community Education Trust

A womb to tomb program in rural South Africa where Katherine filmed in 20


A Digital Storytelling Platform

Special Needs

A Walk On Water

Empowering Children Through Surfing


Together we can make a difference. 


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